Working Families

I know firsthand how hard it can be to make ends meet, and what it is to fight for an education.  As the eldest of six, I know it was a often a struggle for my parents to put food on the table. Because the money simply was not there from my family, I put myself through school for my undergraduate degree, graduate degree, and teacher certification.  I support a living wage and unions, think Right to Work is wrong for Missouri, and believe that for working families to thrive, they need a strong community foundation.

Living Wage:

I support workers' rights, and policies that allow small businesses to thrive and pay their workers a fair living wage.  

Support Unions:

As a former teacher and union member, I support our unions.

Iā€™m a former teacher and union member. I support Missourians making a living wage.


I want to attract good jobs to the state and to the 96th district. I want to provide incentives to keep businesses here.

Right to Work

Right to Work is WRONG for Missouri. Period.

Community Foundation

A strong community starts with access to education, childcare, and healthcare: I will put communities and families first, including access to affordable healthcare, care and safety for our children, support for public education and early childhood development initiatives, and support for our seniors. All of these pieces together form a solid foundation for our community. On that foundation, we can feel secure in building the future we want for our district.